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Written by Peter Martinez   
December 01, 2007 13:00

Group project for a radio documentary in Communications 371.

The program follows CSUF student, Robert Moran, from College Park to the Titan Student Union. He's temporarily bound to a wheel chair.

Also, there's an interview with Paul Miller, Director for the CSUF Disabled Students Services.

This documetnary broadcast on Titan Radio at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, November 30, 2007.

It should stream below.

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Here's the script for my voice over:




P: The following is a special edition documentary from the Titan Radio production class at California State University, Fullerton. I’m your host Peter Martinez.

We’re covering an on-campus issue that affects students with disabilities, including those bound to a wheel chair. That’s next when this special edition documentary returns on Titan Radio dot org.



P: Welcome back to this special edition documentary from Titan Radio dot org.  I’m your host Peter Martinez. This documentary features Robert Moran, a communications major at Cal State Fullerton and an interview with Paul Miller, the Disabled Students Director for Cal State Fullerton. The issue at hand is campus accessibility for such buildings like College Park, Langsdorf Hall, and the Titan Student Union.

Paul Miller has mentioned that Cal State Fullerton goes above and beyond to accommodate disabled students.


Over the years, the campus has maintained and enforced the California Title 24 and American Disability Act – two laws that set minimum building standards for the safety of disabled people.

However, for a student like Robert Moran, every little thing counts and he thinks more can be done to improve Cal State Fullerton. Robert has been temporarily bound to a wheel chair since a foot injury this summer, and he has had to adapt to campus life from a new perspective.

To get his first-hand perspective, I followed Robert around the campus so he could explain some of the accessibility shortfalls he’s experienced. We started out from College Park, where the wheel chair exit ramp is in the back of the building dumping Robert right into the parking lot.

NAT --  RobertMoranCPExitStreetCross.mp3

Paul Miller acknowledged that College Park needs some work.

NAT- Paul Miller

Still, Robert had another challenge before he could reach the main Cal State Fullerton campus.  NAT sound. He had to cross the street in under twenty seconds.

Continue NAT sound – crossing Nutwood Avenue.

As Robert arrived to the Cal State Fullerton quad, on his way towards the Titan Student Union, he talked about one of his observations.

Once at the Titan Student Union, Robert mentioned the door situation and the effort he goes through to open one up and wheel himself through it.

NAT- RobertMoranDoorExit.mp3

Once Robert made his way to the Titan Student Union, he suggested one way the campus could improve upon its accessibility.

NAT- autoDoor

Paul Miller mentioned that one building at Cal State Fullerton will receive a door makeover. among other future upgrades.

With Paul Miller’s experience, he explained how some Cal State Fullerton students offer help to a disabled person – but also how that can put that disabled person in danger and infringe upon their independence.


I asked Robert to reflect upon his time in a wheelchair.



So with Robert’s first-hand account from a wheel chair, and Cal State Fullerton’s goal to remain a highly accessible campus, both have to adapt to each other. As a recap, College Park will improve its accessibility. New doors will be installed at Langsdorf Hall. And remember Paul Miller’s advice about asking before offering help to a disabled person.


A special thank you to Robert Moran, Paul Miller, Roxana Aguilar, and Mark Michaelson. And thank you for listening to this special edition documentary. I’m your host Peter Martinez.




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